The Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Your time in college should be spent more focussing on learning and acquiring knowledge, rather than thinking of ways to make money.

However, tuition costs are forever soaring higher, and there are plenty of other expenses a student will incur making a part-time job necessary. Additionally, the experience to be gained from working such a job can be the deciding factor on whether you land your dream job on graduation, or you get overlooked for the next applicant. In searching for an appropriate part-time job, due consideration should be given to ensure that it is flexible enough to accommodate a rigid campus schedule, while still paying enough to ensure it’s worth the time you invest. In your search for the best part-time job while in college, consider the following suggestions:

Computer Tech

If you have a smile on your face thinking about the above position then you must know more about technology and related devices than the average Joe. You could put this knowledge to work on the retail floor of your local computer store, or by working as in tech support for various firms during your free time. In either position, you’ll bet to offer valuable insights and help to everyday problems faced by most computer users. What’s more, the experience acquired on the job, plus networks fostered might help you further down the line should you decide to pursue a career developing software applications.

Bank Teller

Bank Teller mostly work part-time making the occupation perfect for college students, especially those that major in finance. Although the hourly rate on the job is only $12, the job can open the doors into a more rewarding career in finance. Most campuses also have a bank branch within their institution, making it the perfect job for you were you to apply and get in due to the relatively short distance you would commute to work.

Aerobics Instructor

Are you obsessed about fitness? Forget whatever sleazy name you might have been called in the past, your love for fitness could be the perfect opportunity to make some money on the side if you can teach it to others. While you will be required to get additional certifications to work as a personal trainer, no such requirement exists to teach a fitness or aerobics class. For your troubles, expect an average hourly rate of around $15.00, plus the added benefit of working out and keeping fit.


Are you good with children? If it’s a yes on the question, and you know yourself to be a reliable individual that can ensure the kids do their homework and get to bed at the right time then you can try your hand at babysitting. While it’s not the most rewarding job in terms of pay and future career prospects, you are certain to get regular gigs if you possess the required qualities. Combining the job with tutoring could also lead to a bump in the rates you receive. Further, every time you put the kids to sleep could present an opportunity to catch up on your studies while on the clock.

In summary, as you look for a job essaywriter to occupy your extra hours, remember to focus your search as close to your field of study, and not on the pay rate attached. Remember to network too for a good word put about you whispered in the right ear immediately increases your chances of landing the job.

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