Pros and cons of international student exchange programs in the US

Why You Should Not Miss International Student Exchange Opportunity

Foreign exchange student program is a one-time life opportunity

As people turn to online myessayservice education more than ever due to coronavirus-induced lockdowns, should you consider traveling abroad as a part of a student exchange program?

Given the fact that students within homeschooling networks perform overall better than regular students, you may have already concluded that foreign exchange programs are not there for scholastic improvements. And you would be right.

The first such exchange program was created by James Fullbright in 1946, for the sole purpose of cultural understanding and to accelerate acquiring foreign languages. This is also true. Studies have shown that the fastest way to learn another language is to immerse yourself in the native culture in which this language is spoken all the time.

There are other major benefits to entering an international student exchange program. As you move away from your friends, parents, and native culture, you become reliant on yourself. Although you will still be supported by your parents and people where your accommodation takes place, there is no better way to safely become independent at an early age!

Regarding the primary reason why the student exchange program was created in the first place – cultural understanding – it cannot be overstated how this will impact your worldview. Every nation operates under its long-established norms and ways of thinking. To such a degree that you can hardly notice they are there. This contrast between norms and ways of thinking only becomes visible if you visit other nations. People outside your homeland will have different historical and political perspectives, which will be invaluable for any student to develop a more mature worldview.

Another benefit to entering a foreign exchange student program is that you will not be a simple tourist, lead by the well-trodden tourist paths. Instead, you will be living and experiencing a foreign nation as most natives experience it. In light of this, it is a superior experience than merely visiting a country for a short time.

On the other hand, drastic changes tend my essay service to bring stress: learning a new language, navigating through a different environment with different habits, and solving conflicts and inevitable obstacles as a result of you being a foreigner. Different personality types view such obstacles as exciting challenges to overcome, while some personalities view it as dreadful experiences that no amount of novelty can compensate.

Only you can tell which personality you have. Nonetheless, even more introverted individuals would benefit greatly from a foreign exchange student program, if everything is properly prepared in advance. This includes accommodations – private bedroom or with roommates, living costs, commute, etc.

It would be prudent to get some video-conference time with the people who will help you out while you are an exchange student. Just to see if you click with each other. Lastly, young individuals such as students often succumb to homesickness. This is only natural, but make sure that your foreign peers are aware of this issue so they can cheer you up when you feel homesick.

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